Tuesday, November 25, 2008

oh yea

had to

for all you fans out there i changed the description of my blog. i realized that there wasn't a lot of outness and i didn't want arbitrary content for the sake of being cheeky. so it is now. . . "an honest blog, honest to blog" and that will probably change.

Monday, November 24, 2008

the uber fake real

so i was browsing the New York Times Magazine website. . .why? because they tend to push the photographic envelope and every once and awhile they publish an image that really makes you stop and think. i wish there were more images that not just made you stop but made you question and wonder. pretty soon you realize you are not even looking at a photograph on paper but looking at a photograph that has become an idea and it is no longer outside of you. here are a few of those that did just that.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the lighter side

whats with plastic animals and terry richardson?  to me they are the same.  

chaos in order

every drop of the piece of plastic bag is unique.  

order in order

uncontrol - control

i have found that the dichotomy of still life studio photography contrasts nicely with venturing into the world to pull from what is there.  in the studio there is nothing until you actively make something while there is always something out in the world regardless if it is controlled or uncontrolled.  like many photographers i believe that i try to impose order.  the implications of this imposition suddenly become intriguing when you realize the high level of order that we see in so many photographs. maybe the visual world is not as chaotic as we are to believe or assume it is.  in trying to push forth and establish a vocabulary of style it is critical to consider both order and chaos and begin to make some deliberate choice over one or the other. . . .or not.